About LCMI

LCMI Mission: Life Change Ministries International exists to help children See, Know, and Experience the Lord Jesus Christ.

LCMI Vision: To reach children with God’s Word, which could lead them to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, through Christian camping.

Based in Denver Pennsylvania, Life Change Ministries International works to bring the good news of the Gospel to children and teenagers in India through Christian camping. We operate a variety of different camps throughout the year in both metropolitan and rural tribal locations for children and teens with and without special needs.

The work at LCMI is highly rewarding, and our goal is to be the hands and feet of Christ to children and families in India, reaching many more young people in India, and expanding our work across Southeast Asia.

It has been noted that one week of Christian camping can have a more powerful impact on a young person’s walk with Christ than a year of attending Sunday school.

About LCMI’s Founders

Sanjay and Keren

Born and reared in India, Sanjay* and Keren* both moved to the United States. Sanjay took a job with a Christian organization, and on a visit back to India for a pastors’ conference in 2003, the Lord gave Sanjay and Keren a vision of sharing the message of His love with the children and teenagers of India.

Guided by the Lord, Sanjay and Keren formed Life Change Ministries International, and the organization has been growing steadily for more than a decade. Sanjay and Keren currently live in Pennsylvania, and are blessed with three daughters.

  • Sanjay is a Sanskrit word that means victory, specifically a victory in a military battle or an internal battle over judging oneself.
  • Keren is a Hebrew name that has several meanings, including “ray of light.” It is a shortened version of Kerenhappuch, one of Job’s daughters.
What is LCMI – 90 second view

Message from the Board

"Jesus cared and loved those who were oppressed and living in darkness both in a spiritual and physical sense and He loved children as an advocate and caring father. At LCMI, the heart of our ministry is to bring light to places of darkness by providing a safe environment for children to come, learn, be loved and cared for as family. We, the board, believe that introducing Jesus through camping, changes the lives of children, reaches families, and impacts neighborhoods and communities as the light of Jesus shines forth in changed lives!"

Our Core Values