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Upcoming Events

No events. All short-term trips have been cancelled due to COVID-19. We appreciate your prayers for on-going ministry.

Monthly Camp Calendar

September 2020 Camp Schedule – SOUTHERN INDIA

8/31-9/1 – Digital Camp
9/1-9/2 – Digital Camp
9/2-9/3 – Digital Camp
9/3-9/4 – Digital Camp
9/7-9/8 – Digital Camp
9/9-9/10 – 2 Digital Camps in different locations
9/14-9/15 – Digital Camp
9/21-9/22 – Digital Camp
9/28-9/29 – Digital Camp

All camps and seminars are cancelled in Nepal, Cambodia and undisclosed nation due to Covid-19 concerns and restrictions by the governments. Follow-up visits are taking place as opportunities arise. Please continue to pray for our campers and our team that the Lord will continue to minister to them. Thank you!