Camper Testimonials

My name is Lalbahadur… I learned so many things like action songs and dances. Before [this camp] I went to church only because my sister forced me to go. In this camp I came to know who is the only God. What I have learned I will teach to my friends that they will follow Jesus Christ.


Praise the Lord. I am Keertana. This is my first camp. I have learned obedience through Bible Class. When I was in the sixth class I lost my mother and after that, my father also. But still God is with me now and protecting me. I will be like praying missionary. I have taken a challenge to lead my friends and unbelievers to Lord by saying Jesus is the only Lord and He died for our sins. I enjoyed a lot in this camp. Please pray for me.


My name is Namrata. This is my first camp. I was born in a nominal Christian family. My life was full of struggles and pain. In my family everyone was cruel. My father is a alcoholic. He used to beat my mother frequently. During those situations it was very hard time for me to live and study. I always pray for my father with tears. I believe for sure one day God will change my father. So please pray for my father and for my family.


My name is Lakshmi. I am studying in the 7th class. I am very glad to be part of this camp. I have learned many things like crafts and tools. Moreover, I studied about God’s Word. I request you to please pray for my knowledge and for my family. Once again thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.


My name is Prakriti. When I look backward towards in my life, I find many differences from the present. I didn’t use to go church and didn’t believe in Jesus. There were many troubles and difficulties in my life and family. I used to live a miserable life and felt alone. But when I started to go to church, I found lots of differences in my family. I didn’t feel alone… everyone in my family is happy and satisfied with their life. So I am very glad and happy to get Jesus in my life. In the future I will work for the people who don’t know about Jesus and his love. I will tell them that Jesus is the only way to go to heaven and be free from sin… I want to tell that without Jesus we cannot go to heaven because he is the only way.


My name is Samir. It is good to be here with all the friends from different places. Before coming here I had some bad habits. But I heard from Bible class that Jesus is our Lord and He forgives all our sins which we have done before. I promise to Jesus that I will do as He has commanded to us. So from now on I will respect my mother and brothers. Here I have learned beautiful songs. I learn to love our God and respect Him. I also learn I have to ask forgiveness with God for mistakes I have done before and that we have to forgive others as God did for us. I learned how to pray and not to give false testimony.


Praise the Lord to everyone. This is my third camp. I have learned many things during these camps. In my first camp I learned how to respect parents and that we should obey parents. In the second camp I learned to avoid bad friendships and now in third camp I have learned about forgiveness. Also I learned how to behave with girls and to walk in a right way. Jesus is my life and everything. Please pray for me, as I am in teenage that I will not to fall in sin and [that I will] develop spiritually. Pray for my studies and my family.


I am Sandeep…I came from a Hindu background. I came to this camp just to check about camp and God. I did not have any belief in Jesus Christ. But after coming to this camp I came to know about Jesus Christ and He is the only God and real God. In Project 61, I learned to respect others and to be a good boy. All the classes were very encouraging to me. Please pray for me to know more about Jesus Christ and to build strong relationship with Him. Pray for my family also.


My name is Abhishek I am from Kokini class group. Before attending this camp I used to sing movie songs and I went to movies also. But after coming this camp, I learned about Jesus Christ through the Bible class. I learned how to be successful in my life. I love this camp and I enjoyed it lot. Pray for my family and me.


Praise the Lord, my name is Blessy. I thank God for this teen’s camp. I am very happy that I attended this camp, and I enjoyed it so much. I participated in different activities, and I learned about William Carey’s story. He was a great missionary and I was inspired by his life. I decided to share the gospel with my friends, relatives, and neighbors as God leads me – I will go forward in any circumstance.


Hi, my name is Sahana, and I am studying in 6th class. I enjoyed a lot in this camp. I learned about salvation in our Questions and Answers session. It’s very interesting how now all my doubts cleared and I know about God’s love. I know He is the only the great God and He died for my sins, and they are no more. In this camp I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I also enjoyed worship time. Thank you God for this Camp.


Hi, my name is Thomas, and this was my 5th camp. I was a very naughty boy in my house. Every day I woke up very late. I didn’t know how to read the Bible or how to pray to God, and I thought that it was all rubbish. Every day I watched TV and said bad words. I lost my valuable time and I didn’t obey my parents. But, after coming to this camp, God spoke with me clearly through Bible class and worship. From coming to this camp, I learned how to praise God and how to pray. Please pray for growth in my spiritual life.


Praise the Lord! My name is Johnson, and this is my first camp. I learned how to read the Bible and how to pray, and I have cleared the doubts that I have about Bible from the Question and Answer session. I also liked drama class very much. I love this camp very much. It was nice. I will bring my friends to the next camp, and I want their lives to be changed like mine was through this camp.