Camper Testimonials

My name is Mary and I’m so glad that more than 150 children could attend this camp, as this camp was a great blessing to all. Thank you for the parents’ seminar on the last day of camp. We learned so much about family and raising up children. Personally, I learned to show impartiality in loving children. We as parents need to live as role models and examples in life for our children. Thank you for taking the effort to bless us through this LCMI camp.

Mary (Parents' Seminar, South India)

My name is Udhaya and I came to know and accept Jesus as my personal savior and Lord through this LCMI camp. Hereafter, I will share this Jesus to everyone at any cost just like Doming, the boy in the missions story who stood boldly for his faith. Thank you, LCMI team, for giving me Jesus.

Udhaya (Mobile Camp, South India)

My name is Juna and it was a joy for me to attend this camp. Here, I learned how to make paper flowers and also songs with motions. I’m so happy to learn these new things. From the Bible class, I learned about true faith. I decided to follow Jesus in every situation like Doming did, [the boy we learned about in missions class]. Please pray for me. Thank you!

Juna (One Day Camp, Nepal)

My name is Ashu and I live in North India. It was through my pastor that I learned about this camp, and I’ve learned so many new things here. From Bible class I learned about Job, who was very faithful to God in every circumstance. From this story, I learned about real faith and I decided I want to live like Job. Please pray for me. Thank you!

Ashu (Mobile Camp, North India)

My name is Chanchal and I’m happy to be here. I’m thankful to the Lord for this opportunity to know more about Him. I learned new songs, tools, and more. I liked the Bible class very much and I learned we need to have true faith. In addition, we shouldn’t sin, but should respect everyone. Life is found in Jesus only. Please pray for my spiritual growth.

Chanchal (Mobile Camp, North India)

We thank God for LCMI – through them, God has richly blessed our church and children here. At this camp, we felt a difference from our usual children’s ministry. We also loved and were blessed by the parents’ seminar, as well. I personally learned how to build a strong and godly marriage, raise up godly children, show impartiality among children, and to correct and teach them God’s word. A very big thanks to you all, please come again.

Esther (Mobilizer's wife, South India)