Camper Testimonials

I loved this camp. I learned about it from my pastor. Here I learned new songs, crafts, and more. I was really encouraged by the story of Doming in missions class and I’ve decided to live like him and live for Jesus through every challenge faced.

Anmbo (Nepal)

My name is Divya and I’m in 9th grade. I’m really happy I could attend this camp. I have learned so many things here, and I learned about authentic faith through the Bible class from the story of Abraham. I decided to live like Abraham and live faithfully. Please pray for me.

Divya (India)

I learned about this camp from my local pastor. I’m really happy to participate in this camp. From the Bible class, I learned how to love others. Before I came to this camp, I used to live very selfishly. Now I’ve decided to love others. Thank you for conducting this camp, and through it, my character is changed.

Abraham (Nepal)

…I learned so many things in this camp. I enjoyed the tools class, singing songs, and more. God spoke to me in the Bible class that faith without works is dead. From now on, I’ve decided to practice this verse in my life and I want to live for God. Please pray for me.

Pramod (Nepal)

Initially, I didn’t know about the word “faith”, but from attending this camp, I learned about faith and how it works through the Bible class. God spoke with me in this camp to read the Bible daily. I learned that when we read the Bible, we can receive wisdom from God’s word. Please pray for me.

Esther (Bhutan)

At this camp, I learned dances, crafts, drama, and new songs. I was really encouraged in the Bible class through the story of Abraham and his faith. From now on, I’ve decided to live like Abraham in how he trusted God in the trials. Thank you!

Prem (Nepal)

...I was blessed through this center. Now I can earn money myself and lead my family. Before we started the class, our teachers prayed for us, and from this I learned about prayer and prayed every day. I learned more about Jesus Christ through this center. Please pray for me.

Vijaya (CDC, India)

My name is Susanna and God spoke with me through this camp. I’m really happy I could come to camp. Before camp, I used to have doubts about the Bible. In the camper and counselor time, a sister from LCMI helped clear all my doubts. From the Bible class, I learned about true faith. I used to worry about my problems in life, but I came to know that we shouldn’t worry about our problems but instead should pray to God.

Susanna (India)