Life Change Ministries exists to help children and teens See, Know, and Experience the Lord Jesus Christ in a personal way.

Christian Camping is a major part of LCMI’s ministry to the young people of India. In order to reach children and teens in a variety of locations, and coming from many different backgrounds, LCMI operates several different types of camps:

Summer Camps

These weeklong camps are held during India’s summer break so that school children are free to come and bring their friends. Summer camps are held at our Camp Deccan camp facility, which takes its name from its location in the Deccan Plateau, located near one of the largest metropolitan areas in India.

Mobile Camps

These 3-day camps are conducted in rural village and tribal locations. LCMI camp staff travel to remote locations and conduct camps, reaching out to children and families that live in secluded areas. Mobile camps are conducted year-round in many different locations throughout India.

Special Needs Camps

These weeklong camps are conducted at our Camp Deccan facility. The purpose of these camps is to teach a correct biblical understanding of special needs, while training families how to care for special needs family members. LCMI also conducts Mobile Special Needs camps in remote areas.

Teens Camps

These weeklong camps are conducted in the fall, and are geared towards teens, addressing more mature topics. At these camps we strive to equip teens to stand strong in Christ and become witnesses to those around them.

At all of our camps, Bible Teaching and Missions Class are the two primary areas of emphasis. In addition to spiritual teaching, we also offer many classes that educate campers in skills that will help them and their families, as well as activities that children everywhere enjoy, such as music, sports, crafts, and drama.

LCMI camps are open to all children who wish to participate. Many of our campers come from poor families, and going to camp gives them an opportunity to hear God’s Word, to be encouraged and loved, and to receive education and benefits that some wouldn’t receive at home, including:

  • Three square meals and snacks every day
  • Life skills training, including lessons for young men and women in basic cooking, managing finances, and other practical skills.
  • Preparation for the challenges that teens face every day

At our Special Needs camps, we provide free medical supplies, health and dental exams, vision screening, wellness education, and hygiene training.

For children with disabilities, we provide medical supplies such as wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches.

Our passion and our purpose is to reach children with God’s Word and to lead them into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Christian camping is a powerful way to build relationships and to connect young people in India and across Southeast Asia with the Gospel.