Raising Josiahs

Raising Josiahs is the name of our fundraising campaign that was originally initiated a few years ago to purchase our own camp property in India, to build a modern and efficient camp facility to be used as a hub for the ministry of LCMI and as a resource for the local church.

Raising Josiahs takes its name from Israel’s King Josiah in 2 Chronicles 34:1-8. Josiah became king at the age of 8, and “He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord.”

According to recent developments, many organizations were pushed out of India for various reasons by the Indian government and all their assets were either confiscated or ended up in government litigations. In light of the changing political landscape and the overreach of the government into Christian NGO’s in India, we have come to reassess our initial plan to have our own property there.

The original vision was about building a physical building at one location to increase and further strengthen our ministry but the Lord in His Sovereign way redirected us and expanded our vision from one camp location to now doing camps all over India and three other countries in Asia. Indeed, His ways are so much higher than ours. Praise God!

We are still pursuing the Raising Josiahs campaign but with a redirected vision of building spiritual lives in whichever region He takes us. We continue to ask our Lord to use His Word and His Spirit and cause many children to turn to Christ and indeed become like King Josiah. It is our prayer that our Lord would use this campaign to raise Josiahs who would be powerful tools in our Lords hands to turn India and Asia unto Himself. We also pray that these Josiahs would become reformers and see the Church built and further strengthened.

Raising Josiahs Financial Giving