Raising Josiahs

As renters of the Camp Deccan property where we operate, we have some limitations on what we can do for young people. To move us beyond those restrictions, we are looking to own our own property. Raising Josiahs is the name of our fundraising campaign that will enable us to purchase our own property and to build a modern and efficient camp facility, and a hub for the ministry of LCMI.

Raising Josiahs takes its name from Israel’s King Josiah in 2 Chronicles 34: 1-8. Josiah became king at the age of 8, and “He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord.” 

We believe that having our own facility will further enable us to raise “Josiahs”, young men and women who will do right in the eyes of the Lord, and who will further the spread of the Gospel in their land. We know that having such a facility will enable us to expand our services in many ways, specifically:

  • Developing Camp Deccan as a hub for our ministry in India
  • Conducting more camps and reaching more children with the gospel
  • Training and discipling campers, who become counselors and mobilizers
  • Designing new and creative camp programs to reach more children from various backgrounds for the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Developing a Special Needs camping hub and center to reach special needs children in India.
  • Increasing the number of special needs camps conducted yearly, in more locations.
  • Creating Group Homes to share the love of Christ in a holistic way.
  • Training children in life development skills.
  • Building and staffing administrative offices that will oversee care for all camping ministries.
  • Becoming a resource for the church in India.

And, having our own facility will also serve as good public relations for our mission when people look upon God’s work and have the reaction that the philosopher Tertullian had when he observed the work of Christians and said, “Look . . . how they (Christians) love one another.”

Owning our own Camp Deccan will enable LCMI to do much more work for God, and by supporting our Raising Josiahs campaign, you can turn this goal into a brick and mortar reality.

Raising Josiahs Financial Giving