LCMI 2016 Fundraiser LCMI 2016 Fundraiser LCMI 2016 Fundraiser

Some words about LCMI

LCMI camps are open to ALL children regardless of ethnicity, religious belief, faith, or financial situation. All LCMI camps exist to help every child See, Know and Experience Jesus Christ in a personal way. LCMI also provides help, training, and resources to the parents of both physically and mentally challenged special needs children for the betterment of their whole families.

Camp Deccan & Mobile Camps

Our passion is to reach children with God’s word that could lead them into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through Christian camping.


Camp Deccan & Mobile Camps

Our LCMI Camp Deccan and all LCMI Mobile Camps are open to ALL regardless of age, ethnicity, religious belief, faith, etc.

Camp Deccan camps are conducted in our main hub all through the summer holidays. The Mobile camps are conducted in rural and tribal areas, throughout the year.

Mustard Seed

Mustard seed is an LCMI sponsorship program which will provide ongoing monthly support for children who are in desperate financial need.


Mustard Seed Sponsorship

LCMI has been burdened by the economic situation some of our campers come from. In response to repeated challenges by a faithful partner to develop an on-going sponsorship program, Mustard Seed was born.

Your support enables the child to have three meals a day, attend a school for education and buy bare essentials. For only $30 a month, a child can have a better life.

Special Needs

Thie Indian Census 2001 reports that 21.9 million persons in the Indian total population (2.13%) are disabled, and that 1.67% of the total population within the age-group 0-19 (7 million) are living with a disability.


Special Needs Camps

The church in India for the most part is absent in reaching the children with Special Needs. In fact in our research and study we rarely found an organized ministry/program solely focused on these children among the main line churches.

However, it is encouraging to note that there are few para-church organizations and some families who have special needs children and have began orphanages and homes to care for these children. LCMI helps train & equip them.

Raising Josiahs

These young Indians will be tomorrow’s leaders and thus Raise Josiahs who will not only lead the Church in India but Globally.


Raising Josiahs

Today in India, there are 480 million children and teens who are 18 years and under, which is about 40% of the total population.

It is our prayer that God would allow us to “Raise Josiahs” in and through our camps who will seek the living God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength and thus change the face of India. All for His Glory!

Project 61

“Project 61” is named after Isaiah chapter 61. It is the teaching of “How a Godly Man Should Treat a Woman”, and is the first step to bring about restoration and hope to wounded hearts.


Project 61

It is estimated that between 600,000 and 800,000 children and young women are trafficked across international borders each year and that one in four girls will be sexually abused before they reach the age of eighteen.

LCMI would like to introduce you to “Project 61” a new restorative ministry being launched to bring about spiritual transformation and healing to physically and sexually wounded girls.

How you can PARTNER with LCMI

Partner with LCMI and help positively impact the children of India for God's glory.

Short & Long Term Mission Trips

There are many opportunities for you or your church group to come to our camps and help us reach out to India. The harvest is great and the workers are few. Come see what opportunites await.


Prayer for the needs of LCMI and our efforts to realize our called mission and reach the children of India is a deffinite need. LCMI greatly covets your prayers.

Sponsor a Child

Come along side economically struggling children and help them attend an LCMI Camp.

Mustard Seed

LCMI’s Mustard Seed sponsorship program connects donors to children in serious financial need. Donors are able to support children on a monthly basis, providing for school tuition, food, medicines, and bare essentials.

Help Support LCMI

LCMI Donate

Join with LCMI’s ministry efforts to reach the children of India for Christ. Whether you support our organization directly or through the financial support of our campers and their families, your gifts are graciously received, and are used as efficiently and effectively as possible. - Click Image for more info.

Upcoming EVENTS with LCMI

Mark your calendars for these upcoming LCMI events and learn more about the ministry.

LCMI 2016 Fundraiser

Buy delicious frozen yogurt at the Yogurtworks at Ephrata Cloister shopping center on June 27th and 28th from 6 PM onwards, and help us reach the children of India and Nepal. 20% of all sales go towards LCMI needs! THANK YOU for your support!

LCMI 2015 Ministry Report

LCMI is excited to annouce that the Lord truly blessed LCMI in 2015 allowing us to touch many lives for Him! View the LCMI 2015 Ministry Report. THANK YOU for your support!

LCMI Camps - Upcoming Dates

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LCMI Ministry Job Opportunities

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LCMI Short Term Application

If you are interested in participating in a Short Term Ministry Opportunity with LCMI, download and submit the 2015 LCMI Short Term Application.

LCMI Short Term Budget for 10 Day Trip - 2016

If you are interested in participating in a Short Term Ministry Opportunity with LCMI, download this Short Term 10 Day Trip Budget planner to help with your planning for expenses.

LCMI Ministry Focus

LCMI's purpose is to reach the children of India through Christian camping. We hope to create an enriching environment that helps these children reach their fullest potential and build relationships that will ultimately lead to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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LCMI Camps Ministry

LCMI camps are open to all children regardless of ethnicity, religious belief, faith, etc.

Special Needs Ministry

Focused on training families, loving individuals, and building community awareness...

Raising Josiahs Ministry

Focused on training India's future leaders both locally and globally. Creating a legacy leadership...